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Follow this Pathway to Take your Web3 Project to New Heights

Free online learning tracks from the Celo Camp accelerator. Get your Web3 venture ready to lead in the Celo ecosystem. Celo rewards are waiting for you along the way. 

Building a trail for your success

Create a fully working open source dApp, launch your venture on Celo and commit your first transactions on the network.

Weekly deliverables and progress tracking to keep your venture growing 

Up-to 3 of the best open source submissions will win all hail, kudos and $500 cUSD prize each! 

Join a vibrant community of leading entrepreneurs building on Celo

Fast track to Celo Camp accelerator program

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The Entrepreneurial Pathway

A six-week track to support entrepreneurs entering the Celo ecosystem. The program includes topics such as User Research, UX, Building and Integrating to Celo and The Art of the Pitch. Learning resources, networking opportunities, and live sessions with Celo developers are waiting for you along the journey.

Launch a ReFi project on Celo and contribute to a more sustainable future through the use of clean energy, the reduction of carbon emissions, and the use of blockchain to track and verify these efforts.


Learn about zero-knowledge proof by building a game using Plumo - a zkSNARK based protocol enabling quick verification of on-chain computation without having to run a local node.

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